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Frankie Love: Started the group back in the 80’s. He’s been through a lot over the years but he still remains strong. Love is the driving force in the band and in our lives today.

Lefty Faith: He started out a little bit shaky with the group at first. He has adjusted well under all the pressure, even when all the odds were stacked up against him. It doesn’t matter what hand he plays keyboards with. We are all Left with Faith that God will get us through our lives everyday.

Lucky Hope: The man with the aspirations and dreams. We just can’t picture the band without this guy in it. He plays the bass and holds the key to the future. It’s always great to have him around with his pessimistic point of view.- We are all Hoping for some Luck each day.

Rusty Humble: The backbone percussion wonder in our band. He reminds us to practise and always remember our humble beginnings.

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